Dr Olivier Rozenberg


Dr Olivier Rozenberg has been an Associate Research Professor in Politics at the Centre d’études européennes, Sciences Po (Paris) since 2009. His researches are focused on the study of political institutions and particularly of legislatures in Europe - national parliaments as well as the European Parliament. Within this framework, he studies both the sociology of legislators and the policy analysis of parliamentary activities. He is also interested in the Europeanisation of national political systems.


Course: National Parliaments in the European governance: investigating Montesquieu’s myth

Montesquieu’s idea that any institution wants more power seems especially questionable regarding national parliaments role in the European Union. Indeed, by ratifying repeatedly European treaties, national legislatures have agreed on transferring a large part of their prerogatives to national governments and EU institutions. Yet, some specific parliamentary activities aimed at controlling European affairs have been developed in some member states.


The aim of this class is to assess this ongoing movement of “re-parliamentarisation” at the national level. What are national legislatures actually doing in EU affairs? Why are some active and others less so? What are the consequences of their activities? The class will address those issues on the basis of both recent and comparative empirical materials and the increasing political science literature on this issue.



Inaugural Lecture: Does the European Union need parliamentary debates? From Jeremy Bentham to Daniel Cohn-Bendit

On 13th November 2013, he held his inaugural lecture at the University of Cologne, which was dedicated to 'Does the European Union need parliamentary debates? From Jeremy Bentham to Daniel Cohn-Bendit'. In his lecture, Dr Rozenberg explained the role and functioning of debates in the European Parliament and on European issues in the European national parliaments, and deduced the effects, virtues and risks of those debates.