Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Le Gloannec


During the spring semester 2008 Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Le Gloannec was THESEUS Visiting Professor at the University of Cologne.


Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Le Gloannec is Director of Studies at CERI (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales) a research institute affiliated to the prestigious Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris. From 1997 to 2002 she was director of the Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin. She was visiting lecturer at a numerous European and especially German universities such as Johns Hopkins (Bologna), Paris I, Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder), the Institut des Etudes Politiques in Paris and Lille, the Freie Universität Berlin or the University of Stuttgart. She published extensively on the politics of the Federal Republic of Germany, German foreign policy, international strategic issues and Europe, e.g. „Mehr oder weniger Staat? Die Rolle des Staates in Deutschland nach 1989“ (2003) and „Non-State Actors in International Relations: The Case of Germany“ (ed., forthcoming).


Course: Strategic and conceptual approaches: the EU in the international system

At the Jean Monnet Chair for Political Science at the University of Cologne she gave a course for graduate students entitled “Strategic and conceptual approaches: the EU in the international system” that explored the three dimensions of the European Union as an actor in the European Union itself, as an actor in the international system as well as a strategic actor. The instruments, policies and institutional set-up of EU external action were analysed in a methodological framework. Besides the course content the students had the opportunity to get familiar with the way EU affairs are analysed and taught in another European country. They learned that references on certain subjects might not be the same even if there is no dissent on the content. The students had very lively debates with the visiting professor. The course got a very good evaluation by the students in an evaluation exercise carried out by the University of Cologne.


Inaugural Lecture: Borders of Europe

In her inaugural lecture in May Anne-Marie Le Gloannec reflected on the “Borders of Europe”. She tried to shed light both on the historical dimension, as well as on the political difficulties the question poses today in the framework of the European Union and for its enlargement policy. In the introduction to her speech the Vice-Dean of the Faculty for economic and social sciences, Prof. Dr. Mosler, underlined that the University of Cologne welcomed and appreciated the initiative of THESEUS. He stressed the importance of visiting professorships for academic exchange and for the integration of European research. Alongside other external participants from civil society the presence of the General Consul of France in NRW and of the director of the Institut français emphasised the important role of the Franco-German relationship with in the overall initiative.


On several occasions Anne-Marie Le Gloannec extended her work as THESEUS visiting professor beyond the academic circles in public debates and the media. She took for example part in the Europa Forum of the West Deutscher Rundfunk in Lubljana (08.05.2008) and in a panel discussion about the French Presidency at the University of Cologne (06.05.2008). Recently she took part in the programme Matins d’été on the radio station France Culture, explaining German foreign policy to a French public (23.07.2008).