THESEUS Summer School 2011

Security and Stability in the Contemporary Global Order

Brussels 04/07 - 08/07/2011


The THESEUS Summer School took place from 04.07.-08.07.2011 in the Fondation universitaire in Brussels in co-operation with the MERCURY programme. To promote interdisciplinary and international networks among a new generation of Europeans, each year the THESEUS Seminars and Summer Schools look for excellent young professionals and researchers to discuss European challenges and high-level experts and decision makers.


This year the fourth THESEUS Summer School has been followed by a G20 Simulation Exercise, co-organised by the MERCURY programme - a consortium of academic partners formed to examine critically the European Union's contribution to multilateralism. It exploree multilateralism as a concept, an aspiration, and a form of international order.


The Summer School discussed the role of G-20 in the post-crisis period addressing global challenges beyond pure crisis management. New Global economic governance structures are needed, because of power shifts in a multilateral world, and growing interdependence of global policy processes and the multiple crises (e.g. Energy, Food, Climate). To discuss and to learn during the simulation exercise if G-20 can be seen as a transitory step towards a new configuration of the multilateral system, it has been interesting to have a closer look at the theoretical framework of multilateralism and global governance and their institutions, as well as at the main challenges and priorities of G-20 negotiations.