THESEUS Summer School 2009

"EU in crisis" - the EU polity in times of external and internal challenges

Berlin 29/11 - 04/12/2009


The third THESEUS Seminar analysed what 'crisis`means, what definitions of `crisis" are through different diciplines and academic perspectives and what these mean for the concrete situations. It assessed different types of crises and asked what they trigger as consequences for the EU evolution and what we can learn from them for the EU's governance capabilities. And finally it advised for future EU crisis management.


The seminar featured high-level experts from international organisations, business, politics, NGOs and research - such as Prof. Dr. G. Edwards (University of Cambridge), Prof. Dr. H. Marhold (CIFE, Nice/Berlin), Dr. J. Smith (University of Cambridge), Dr. M. Rhinard (SIIA, Stockholm) and Prof. Dr. W. Wessels (University of Cologne).


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