PhD Workshop 2014

"The EU after the Crisis"

Paris 16/10 - 17/10/2014

On 16 and 17 October 2014, the THESEUS PhD Workshop 2014 took place at Sciences Po Paris. Nine selected postgraduate students of different universities had the chance to discuss their research works on the topic “The EU after the Crisis” with professors Renaud Dehousse, Centre d’études européennes at Sciences Po, and Wolfgang Wessels, Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Cologne, as well as with other participants. 


"The workshop was a great opportunity to receive constructive feedback from fellow PhDs and well-established academics", said participant Alexandra Maria Bocsé, University of Cambridge, after the workshop. "It will greatly help me in improving the theoretical framework and structure of my PhD work." Workshop participant Yoav Shemer-Kunz, University of Strasbourg and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, shares her opinion. "This workshop was a moment of inspiring exchange of thoughts and a great motivation for us to pursue our academic careers", explained Yoav. 


The papers covered a wide range of topics. One PhD candidate analysed the impact of the economic crisis on national health care systems. Another participant investigated, what kind of influence developments in the EU’s energy policy will have on the Union's position as a global player. Even psychoanalytical approaches were chosen: PhD candidate Thomas Siomos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, discussed media narratives used to report about the Greek crisis. "It was interesting to listen to the different approaches about the impact of the EU crisis", said Thomas. "I think, we saw the crisis as a political moment questioning not only the future of Europe but also the EU's core values – the essence of what the European idea is about." Thomas left the THESEUS PhD Workshop 2014 not only with new insights, but also worrying thoughts. "I have the feeling that we nowadays think of Europe more as an institution or structure of institution and less of Europe as an ongoing process", explained the PhD candidate. "This institutional framework is only the tool and not the destination." 


Workshop participant Yoav Shemer was impressed by the personal engagement of the present professors. Addressed to Prof. Wolfgang Wessels the PhD candidate stated: "I am fascinated by his way to historically contextualising the German perspective on European integration and by his great passion and enthusiasm for the European project." 


The PhD students consider the THESEUS PhD Workshop 2014 not only as a great help for their on-going work on their research papers, but also as a good opportunity to build long-lasting networks. "The other participants were really great and very friendly", said participant Alexandra. "I will stay in touch with them and hopefully embark on joint research projects in the future." Comparably positive do the participants look back at the organisation of the THESEUS PhD Workshop 2014 and thanked the organisation team from Sciences Po Paris for the installation of the technical equipment and the chosen logistics.