PhD Workshop 2012

"The EU after Lisbon"

Paris 26/01 - 27/01/2012


Organised by the THESEUS partner Centre d’études européennes (Sciences Po, Paris) the PhD seminar "The EU after Lisbon" aimed at enabling doctoral students to exchange ideas and discuss their own research with their peers and senior academic colleagues.


The seminar aimed at exploring changes introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon that represents the fundamental framework of the EU’s future evolution. Hence, the seminar welcomed papers that addressed the topic from various angles – such as the institutional architecture and changes in the governance of the EU political system or decision-making process; transformation of the EU legal order; implications on the internal or external European leadership; perspectives opened by the new Treaty in specific fields and policies as well as the impact of the creation of new instruments such as the European external action service, etc..


In contrast to the annual THESEUS Summer School the seminar was restricted to a small selection of participants to discuss their own research projects in depth. Therefore, each presentation by the participants was followed by 20 minutes open discussion and commented by senior researchers as Renaud Dehousse, Zaki Laïdi, Olivier Rozenberg from Sciences Po Paris and THESEUS chairperson Wolfgang Wessels, University Cologne.


Altogether the evaluation of the seminar was very positive. Students and senior researchers greeted the high quality of presentations. The participants highlighted the debates and discussions amongst each other and with the lecturers as very helpful and constructive for their own work back home. Hence, the doctoral seminar offered a very good supplement to the regular THESEUS programme for young researchers.